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5 Reasons To Stay Aboard The Ship at Port

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Cruise Tips: 5 Great Reasons to make you think about staying on board the ship on your next vacation !


Whether you are new to cruising or have your sea legs, I think we could all use reminder as to why staying on the ship while docked in port is one of the best ideas and often overlooked during a vacation at sea. No matter what cruise line you’re traveling disembarking the ship on port days can be quite the hassle and yes seeing the destination you’re docked in is one of the many benefits of cruising however if you end up with a destination on the itinerary that you have maybe been to before or find yourself wanting to relax and enjoy the ship and all it has to offer here are five reasons to stay aboard on a port day !

#1 - Sleeping in !

The first at the top of my list maybe since I’m part koala:) is Sleeping in. Who doesn’t love more sleep ? When you decide to stay aboard you have a day planned out that you know while everyone is rushing to disembark and explore, you can take your time waking up and start your day on your terms. Sleeping in may sound far-fetched when you think of all the things you want to do and see but I promise you by day 3 or 4 you will be wanting to. There is something about sleeping at sea that is so peaceful compared to land. Whether it be waking up to the ocean, the gentle rock of the ship being in the water or the wonderful blackout curtains, sleeping in is a must at least once and sets the tone for a more relaxed day.

#2 - No Crowds !

This reason pretty much explains itself but let me paint the picture. After sleeping in you decide you want breakfast and with ease you catch an elevator on your first try and it’s empty!, you then walk into the cafe where there is no line at any of the stations! After you enjoy your Eggs Benedict you decide you want to lay out by the pool. Well you’re in luck because all the sun chairs are available to you and there is no line at the pool bar ! No crowds means no waiting for anything that the ship has to offer for the day. Trust me , experiencing the ship with so many people off board is a truly relaxing and fun experience you will be thankful to have done!

#3 - The Spa!

The spa is honestly something I underrated until this past cruise because I’m not big on massages or getting my nails done when I’m on vacation but what i didn’t know was all the amenities I was missing out on that the spa has to offer from the relaxing pool and hot tub to the steam room, sauna , salt room, ice room! and heated chairs that look out to the ocean. Did I mention it's quiet? After a week on board I was feeling so over-stimulated and the spa was the perfect escape of serenity. A spa day pass is an amazing way to unwind and truly relax. Bonus! When the ship is docked many cruise lines offer special day pass rates and discounts off services when in port ! So if you haven’t tried the spa yet while cruising I highly recommend looking into it the next time you’re at sea !

#4 - Onboard Activities !

Whatever cruise line you’re on is sure to have a lot going on during the day and what better day to enjoy all those activities with less people on board the ship! I watched a movie with my mom, walked around the entire ship and took beautiful photos of the island of St. Thomas ,played some trivia and enjoyed an aperol spritz at a speciality bar while the band played! Cruise Line Staff work so hard to make sure you always have something to do and experiencing all the fun on a Port day is a huge benefit due to decreased traffic onboard.

#5 - FOOD!

WHO DOESN'T LOVE FOOD!? Since so many people will be off the ship for breakfast, lunch and sometimes even dinner depending on the itinerary. Booking and trying specialty restaurants and complimentary dining is a great idea ! Since you will be staying on board all day you can set the pace for how and when you want to eat and can try multiple restaurants, cafes, and pubs throughout the day again with no CROWDS ! Trying all the food and drinks the ship has to offer is one of my favorite things about cruising. Each restaurant/bar is so unique, by staying on board during a port day you get to enjoy a lot more restaurants compared to a sea day when everyone is on board and reservations can be tight.

Thank you for reading & Happy sailing !

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