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5 Reasons to Book a Halloween Cruise in 2024

Holiday Cruising: Consider cruising during the month of October to celebrate Halloween in 2024!

Halloween, the holiday of Magic and mystery , a Holiday for kids and adults alike to dress up and eat our favorite candies; and in honor of Halloween I’m giving you 5 reasons to think about booking your next Cruise during this fun spirited Holiday ! Cruising is already such a great way to travel but booking during a Holiday such as Halloween you are sure to have an even more unique experience ! So here are five reasons you should spend Halloween 2024 on the High Seas!

#1 - Autumn Foliage

Nothing compliments Halloween like Autumn Foliage. Which you will be surrounded by on your cruise in the beautiful month of October. Imagine you’re on your balcony in the brisk morning and across your way are the most beautiful red, gold and auburn leaves as you tour New England and Canada. There is something about the air in Fall that brings relaxation and joy knowing the Holiday Season is just around the corner , and what better way to start off the Holidays on a Cruise ship to relax, dress up and celebrate the season!

#2 - Activities for Kids & the Family!

Cruising is already great for a family trip but during Halloween time Cruise Staff turns it up a notch with their themed outfits, from make up to their hair! The entertainment, activities, decorations, costume contests , dinners and even TRICK OR TREATING! Cruise lines take all Holidays to the max and Halloween is no exception! The staff does a great job organizing fresh and fun Halloween events for all !

#3 - Adult Only Events!

Halloween is for everyone of all ages so it only makes sense that some cruise lines go the extra mile to accommodate everyone aboard their ships during the holidays and Halloween is no different except in my opinion its just more fun! From enchanting themed witches brew cocktails to costume contests and spooky entertainment that will have you in fright by the end of the night ! Cruising during Halloween with a group of friends could be just the vacation you need !

#4 - Dressing Up!

What better excuse to dress up all week than taking a Halloween cruise!? With all the events, special themed entertainment, parties, and costume contests it's the perfect way to get creative and let yourself be whatever you want to be ! The Cruise staff goes all out with their costumes with no details missed! Whether you want to be funny or frightful , cute or scary this Halloween will be one you will remember forever , no matter what you decide! Just definitely remember to pack a costume or two!

#5 - Experience your Destinations with a Magical twist!

Some cruise lines such as Holland America schedule Halloween themed excursions ! Taking you on ghost tours in certain ports from Italy , to Alaska to Quebec. Discover the rich history of your destinations through a new lens and emerge yourself in the charm Halloween has to offer you all over the world!

Happy Halloween !

Thank you for reading ! Come back weekly for a new Blog post and don't forget to reach out to any of our Agents here at DiMaggio Travels to help you book your next Vacation!


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