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5 Reasons to Book a Solo Trip!

Travel Tips: Why Traveling Solo is a MUST, at least once in your life!

One of the most underrated ways to travel; in my opinion has to be SOLO travel ! and I'm here to tell you why! The next time you "think" about booking a trip for yourself, do it!

There is no better reward than traveling solo and having your own "Eat, Pray , Love " Trip and as someone who has traveled to many places alone I'm here to convince you to put Solo Travel onto your Travel Bucket list! So here are FIVE reasons to book a Solo Trip!

#1 - No Waiting!

This is a huge one because it's the main reason why I loved going on my solo adventures. There is no waiting for anyone else to decide when is the best week to go? Do we all have time off ? It doesn't matter ! The only person you have to worry about for Solo travel is YOU! When are you free and what dates work best for YOU! No one else. This makes it so much easier to call a Travel Agent and discuss your perfect solo trip. With no one else to worry about; your biggest travel dreams can come to life because you don't have to worry that not everyone will want to do a certain tour or go dune buggying in the desert! Or whatever it is you want to do! You are free to go explore and do whatever you want, whenever you want! That's reason enough alone ! but to make it more tempting I'm going to give you FOUR more reasons to book that SOLO TRIP!

#2 - You aren't truly alone!

Yes I said that right. The best take away I learned from traveling solo all over Peru was learning that I was never alone. I met people from Italy, Switzerland, Uruguay, Australia, New Zealand and the list goes on! Meeting people from all over the world made me feel a lot less alone and I was able to make plans and travel with people I just met who had the same interests and itinerary planned which made my trip so much more full and memorable and when it was time for "me" time again I was off on my next adventure knowing I was going to meet more people along the way!

“Loving life is easy when you are abroad. Where no one knows you and you hold your life in your hands all alone, you are more master of yourself than at any other time." -Hannah Arendt

Tip #3 - Self Growth

By traveling alone, boarding your plane, navigating an entirely different destination/ country by yourself you learn to trust and rely on your own instincts and pay attention to your surroundings a lot more than you would if you were with a group. When I was boarding my plane to Peru everything was in Spanish so I HAD to pay attention and learn the language if I wanted to navigate especially when I landed and explored . It was challenging, a little scary at first but what I learned is I, we, YOU are so much smarter than you think! By traveling alone we get to break boundaries inside of us we didn't know we had and because of this when you come back home you love yourself and appreciate yourself a lot more and can look back on your journey for years to come and feel a sense of pride. It’s truly a blessing and I wish for everyone to feel this way in their life at least once!

#4 - Expand Your Mind

When we travel outside of our comfort zones, our home , our country, growth is bound to happen. However what’s truly beautiful is how our minds can expand when traveling the unknown. By meeting locals from a different country , and from all over the world we can have conversations we wouldn’t necessarily be able to have and we’re able to see life through another person's eyes and learn their stories. When I was in Peru it was after a very hard time in my life and by talking to others and hearing their stories I was able to understand that life and the world is so much bigger than my own problems and because of this I fell in love with Travel and people, the experience honestly led me to become a travel agent. I want everyone to experience the beauty of the world and even more I want everyone to experience solo traveling because it is so good for the soul. Which leads to my final reason.

Tip #5 - Food for your Soul!

Solo travel is more than all the experiences and growth. It’s waking up in the morning and walking to the Plaza Del Armas in Cusco Peru to listen to local music and walk around; then deciding you want fresh ceviche and ask a local for the best spot in town. It is immersing yourself in your own company and giving your soul the love it deserves. Sometimes with all that is going on in our lives we forget to love ourselves,take care of ourselves. Solo Travel has a way of leading us back to ourselves and our life. So the next time you "think" about going somewhere on your own,GO. Fly solo and believe in yourself and your adventure ! As someone who travels solo I promise by the end of your first solo trip you will already be planning the next one!

Something to think about;

There are plenty of reasons to travel solo , what is yours?

Thank you for reading ! Come back every Tuesday for a new blog ! And don't forget to check out our amazing Travel Agents here at DiMaggio Travels to book your next trip!



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