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My Top 5 Honeymoon Picks

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It’s finally here, you and yours are engaged! You are wedding planning and deciding where to go on your honeymoon ! With so many beautiful destinations it can be hard to narrow it down, so I did it for you! I’m here to give you the top 5 honeymoon destinations in my opinion! Some that maybe you haven't thought of . Whether you love adventure, relaxation, or a little bit of both, these five destinations have something for everyone !

#1: St. Lucia

To start the list off we have St. Lucia ! St. Lucia is an island in the Caribbean that is home to beautiful teal beaches, tropical rainforests, and lush vegetation. Whether you want to relax on a catamaran for two, gazing at the Pitons while sipping champagne or go zip-lining through the rainforest, St. Lucia is sure to offer both romance and adventure! St.Lucia is also a top destination due to its variety of beautiful hotels which include overwater bungalows and all inclusive resorts that make St.Lucia the perfect place for a Honeymoon and a Destination Wedding all in one. Expanding beyond adventure and luxury, St. Lucia is also home to Sulfur Springs and Mud Baths, perfect for newlyweds seeking relaxation after their adventures. These natural features will leave you feeling refreshed and connected. It's no wonder St. Lucia rates amongst the best Honeymoon destinations time and time again!

#2: St. Thomas

Second, is an island close to my heart where I myself went on my honeymoon, St. Thomas! A US Virgin Island, so no passport needed if you’re a US Citizen! While St. Thomas may be a part of the US, the unique island holds its own with culture and food with influence from Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean. Your tastebuds will be on an adventure of their own. Love food & adventure? Take the SkyTrail in St.Thomas to a restaurant sitting atop of the mountain. The view is absolutely gorgeous at night when the city is lit up. Imagine you and your newlywed sitting window-side, gazing at the city skyline of St. Thomas, all while savoring local cuisine and celebrating your new beginnings. If you feel even more inclined for adventure St.Thomas is perfect for island hopping , with St. John being a day trip away, there so much to see and do. St. Thomas is the ideal destination for couples who enjoy relaxation and exploration. It is also home to numerous luxurious and laid-back resorts, making it a suitable choice for any couple.

#3: Kauai

Hawaii- specifically Kauai - As someone who traveled all of the Hawaiian Islands, my favorite Island has to be the island of Kauai, due to its local vibe and ambience that takes you back to simpler times. The magic of Kauai is the perfect destination to celebrate your love story . Home to the Napali Coast , a spectacular natural wonder that is available to see via helicopter tours and hiking via the Kalalau Trail, for the more adventurous newlyweds! Kauai's magic and less commercialized beaches make it the perfect destination for rejuvenation from golden, white, and even black sand beaches. Kauai's spirit and beautiful landscapes will have you feeling renewed and relaxed.

#4: Amalfi Coast

As an American-Italian this next destination is on the bucket list for me but I know it’s a great location for a honeymoon because of its unique charm and beauty. Amalfi Coast, Italia! A true gem of Italy. The Amalfi Coast is a great choice for a honeymoon due to its picturesque romantic settings. The contrast of the deep blue sea against lush green hills covered by little villages clinging to the cliffs is a sight I long to see. Home to Lemon Groves, you can find yourselves immersed in the culture and learn how limoncello is made. Apart from unique tours, Amalfi Coast is surrounded by beautiful towns and beaches that hold a specific charm such as Ravello, Sorrento, and Positano to name a few, each different from the last. Whether you crave the outdoors or the endless hiking, hidden caves, or beaches you are sure to find something to love on your honeymoon in Amalfi !

#5: Naxos, Greece

Last, but certainly not least, on this list we have Naxos, Greece. The largest Island of the Greek Islands, Naxos is much less populated than its sister Islands, Santorini & Mykonos which gives it a more secluded romantic vibe. With the other islands being a ferry ride away you and your honey can enjoy a day trip, knowing the ease of getting back and forth. Along with easy access to other islands, Naxos offers a growing wine industry ,intimate coves, and crystal clear waters. Plaka Beach, Agios Prokopios & Orkos are the top three, just to name a few. Along with its secluded charm, Naxos offers unique cuisine such as the island's famous potatoes, Kitron, a local citrus liqueur, and Naxian cheeses. Naxos has something for everyone searching for a memorable and peaceful getaway!

There you have it, my top 5 Honeymoon Destinations ! Thank you for reading and come back weekly for new travel blogs ! Be sure to reach out to any of us here at DiMaggio Travels to help you plan your Honeymoon or any other travel needs!



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